Peter Dove

3 months ago

Downward Transitions

Tips on Downward Transitions This video was taken from the Master Your Riding course last year and talks about downward transitions and passive resist. This year […]
3 months ago

Good Rein Bad Rein

Does your horse have a good rein or a bad rein for bend? I do not think in terms of a good rein or a bad […]
3 months ago

Leaning Back With Carl Hester

Carl Hester on being behind the vertical Question to Carl Hester : And the riders who sit behind the movement, particularly the ones with their shoulders […]
4 months ago

Bad Schooling Session…

Whilst filming yesterday for the Milly & Ella training session Milly had probably the worst session she has had in a long time. Now worst here […]
4 months ago

How To Access Your Membership

You can see more information on our latest courses at the following URLs You can also sign up at
4 months ago

The Schooling Whip

Holding, Changing, Using & Choosing The Schooling Whip The Schooling Whip – You can get access to the schooling whip I demo at The schooling […]