Author - Mary Wanless BHSI BSc

The Basics

Why is halting so difficult?

The How of Riding Online Course

Why is halting so difficult?
Halting and downward transitions can be difficult for some, and this video talks...

The Basics

The Naked Truth Of Riding

If you always do what you always did…
This is a snippet from DVD 1 of my Naked Truth Of Riding DVD set which you can read more about on my...

The Basics

Giving With The Hand

How effective is giving with the hand?
Whilst giving with the hand can produce some very good results when done correctly it is still a little bit of...

The Basics

2 Essential Paradigms

An hour long video with Mary Wanless and Heather Blitz discussion two essential paradigms for successful horse training.

The Basics

Rising Trot : Tempo Control

Click the video below to start playing.

Join the lecture on Monday which is all about the seat and core strength, where we bust a large range of...

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