5 months ago

BarroNet Now Available

  BarroNet is a versatile, labour saving accessory which can be attached to a wide number of wheelbarrows, which can not only increase the usable capacity […]
5 months ago

How To Access Your Membership

You can see more information on our latest courses at the following URLs You can also sign up at
7 months ago

Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro wow the crowd in Central Park

If like us you’ve had a busy week and missed Charlotte and Valegro’s stunning performance in Central Park last Saturday, don’t worry here’s the link to […]
8 months ago

Retraining The Horse & Rider

Retraining The Horse & Rider – Do you want to be part of it? Brand new video series! Our latest video series starting soon takes a […]
8 months ago

Dressage Training In Your Ear

Want more Dressage Training? Dressage Training TV is putting together a free series of podcasts, some of which can be listened to as you ride. What […]
8 months ago

The Duo That Dominate Dressage!

Check out this fantastic article in The New Yorker all about Charlotte Dujardin.  Written before the Rio Olympics but still a great read! The Duo That […]