7 months ago

Riding up the center line – Dressage Training

The challenge of riding up the center line! Riding up the center line is a challenging task but there are a few tips which help. Learning […]
7 months ago

3 Simple Ways

At intro, prelim and novice you can pick up extra marks with a few simple tips.
8 months ago

Riding up the center line

Please share this tip. In the diagram, at the A end, you can see two curves joining the short end of the arena to the centre […]
8 months ago

The Value of Accuracy

Accuracy in a test can pick up lots of marks, but not for the reason a lot of people think. The judge doesn’t suddenly see you […]
November 9, 2015

3 and 4 Loop Serpentines

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November 9, 2015

A Circle Not A Squircle! Riding a circle.

I have lived at our Equestrian Center for over 15 years and have judged or taught over 9000 riders during that time. The biggest mistake I see at the lower levels is the lack of a correct circle shape.