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November 15, 2016
Master Dressage – The Basics
November 15, 2016

Master Dressage 2nd Edition


Ride More Beautiful Tests, Achieve Higher Marks, and Have a Better Relationship with Your Horse

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Approaching Dressage from a newcomer’s perspective can be a little daunting, so follow our 5 Step System and you can start mastering dressage from day one. Learn how to:MD_2nd_Edition1

Ride more ACCURATE tests

The chapter on accuracy covers how to ride all of the main shapes with greater balance and accuracy. Stop throwing away marks due to inaccurate shapes which make the job of your horse more difficult that it needs to be.

Improve your FLUIDITY

Improve the appearance of the suppleness of your horse. Learn how to prepare your horse for each movement correctly and produce a beautiful looking test.

Increase your dressage UNDERSTANDING

Understand the purpose of the movements in a dressage test, learn what the judge wants to see and what each movement is meant to demonstrate to the judge. Avoid typical rider traps, and bust some of the typical dressage myths. Your horse will thank you for it.

Learn what to PRACTICE and in what order

Have you ever entered the arena to school your horse and not known what to do? Have you ever hit a major problem teaching your horse something? This section not only tells you what you should be practicing, but how to go about it, and what you should do when you get into trouble.

Learn how to properly REVIEW your progress

Learn to review your progress using different tools, how to understand judge s comments and how to change your practice to improve.

Guest chapters from Mary Wanless BHSI BSc, Jo Cooper, Sue Palmer MCSP and Demelza Hawes

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