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At Dressage Training TV we believe there's nothing quite like the relationship between you and your horse. Discovering ways to train your horse from the ground and while ridden, that can improve your horses way of going, is a great way to strengthen the bond between you. This is what Dressage Training TV (Sign up here) aims to give you, with live webinars where you can join chats with other riders around the world and ask questions to the coaches and riders, recorded videos of webinars you are not able to watch live, supporting documents and pictures, downloadable supporting material and Forums to discuss the courses.

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Dressage Training TV

Dressage Training TV provides instructional videos, articles, audio and live webinars. We cover subjects such as groundwork, rider biomechanics, competing, test riding, equine & human bodywork and rider fitness.

Over the course of a year we run over a dozen courses, which contain many lessons. Each month you will receive anywhere from 2-5 live ( then recorded ) lectures from the various courses. On first airing live you can join in, ask questions of the coaches and be part of the experience. During the webinar the lecture is recorded in 4k resolution, sometimes from multiple camera angles. The footage is then edited and uploaded to watch at any time.

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