Ali Wakelin is a fully certified RWYM coach. She has been trained by the world renowned coach and author MARY WANLESS. Ali teaches alongside Mary at clinics on a regular basis at Mary’s Oxfordshire yard. Ali has also undertaken extensive training in the methods of Dr ANDREW MCLEAN (Australian Equine Behaviour Centre – Ali is one of very few trainers outside Australia who have trained in this method. Ali combines Rider Biomechanic training (RWYM), Clicker training and the classical, scientifically based horse training system of the AEBC into a unique Horse/Rider learning experience. This system of training is both ethical and evidence based (based on the most recent scientific research). Ali strongly feels that gadgets, force and punishment have no place in any training system. Ali’s methods are suitable for all horses and riders whatever their age, stage of training or type. Ali has trained many different types of horses/riders using this system including members of the British Icelandic Riding Team, British Endurance team riders, TREC competitors, all levels of dressage and many showjumpers. This method also offers longlasting and reproducable training solutions to many behavioural and handling issues such as loading, clipping and spooking.