Balloon Breathing

9 months ago

Balloon breathing is a great exercise for developing core strength whilst breathing correctly. It has made a profound difference to a lot of riders try it! We’ll be explaining more about core strength in lesson 2 on the ‘How of Riding‘ course starting soon.

Our last training course resonated with so many riders that almost 3000 people signed up for it. Our new training course ‘The How of Riding’ starts on 7th January. In this new course we are providing 3 free coupons allowing riders to submit their videos to us with a question so we can help you get the most from the course. We will also be assigning you a specific coach so you have a familiar point of contact.

Because of the popularity of the courses we are only offering this ‘one on one’ help to people who sign up before the start of the course. We want to make sure we can provide as much help as possible to the ones who made the commitment early on.

So to get the most from the course head on over to ‘The How of Riding’ page and sign up today.

15591395_606338942846389_7326435714042789512_oSpecial Riding JacketsWe’ll be using special jackets in the series which have dots/lines printed onto them to help with the visualisation. See image left…

I can wait to get started, and see you all there on the 7th for the first live lecture. Remember if you can’t make it don’t worry we will record it for you and we will be still around to answer questions if you didn’t understand some aspect of the video.

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