In this first session, Ali introduces Gabby and Beanie.

We start by looking at Gabby’s basic alignment in walk and trot and observe their starting points. We move on to establish straightness in both Gabby and Beanie and then challenge them with ‘little and big trot’ to further improve Beanie’s balance and rhythm.
We finish the session with a look at canter which is still very much a work in progress for both horse and rider. It’s a great demo of how a disorganised horse can cause the rider to become disorganised and how by organising the rider we help the horse find its balance and become more organised.

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Ali first met Gabby when she was five years old as a client at a riding school.

Many years on, Gabby now has her own ponies and has trained them with Ali’s groundwork system, as well as working on her biomechanics. Gabby enjoys working with her two Highlands, and is currently competing Beanie at Preliminary level dressage.


Beanie is an eight year old Highland mare whom Gabby has progressed from an unbacked youngster, to competing at Preliminary dressage – well done Gabby! 
Beanie is small and full of “go” which has been an interesting challenge for Gabby. Beanie auditioned for the recent Thelwell movie and really is the classic “full of beans” pony!