10 months ago

Dressage Dos & Don’ts

Taken from the book Master Dressage – Please share this article on using the buttons above. Some Dressage Dos and Don’ts I just thought I would […]
10 months ago

Top 5 Skills To Improve Your Dressage Marks

Use the buttons left to share this article with your friends. When writing the book Master Dressage I thought about the top 5 skills or principles […]
10 months ago

3 Things Judges Look For At Intro

3 Things Judges Look For In Intro/Prelim/Training Tests Rhythm – this is the most important of all. Without a correct rhythm and a natural consistent tempo […]
10 months ago

Shoving with the seat

The rider has probably heard that they must go with the horses movement, be supple or perhaps that they must drive the horse forward with their […]
November 9, 2015

Rowing In The Canter

“Rowing” – excessive forward and backwards movement of the body, often accompanied by movements of the seat usually in an attempt to drive the horse forward.
November 9, 2015

Dujardin’s Dressage Training Tips

Notes from the visit to Hartpury listening to Charlotte Dujardin