Gymnasticising the Horse

3 weeks ago

How do I get my young or green horse more balanced?

“To get a horse more balanced, you have to ride it more balanced more of the time…let’s look at what skills that involves” Check out our […]
1 month ago

The Gradual Slopes of Learning & Training Dressage

How is training your horse and leaning dressage for yourself meant to feel? My own coach, Mary Wanless BHSI BSc, tells of a story in her […]
1 month ago

A Grand Prix Rider Talks Patience

On Patience – Taken from the book Master Dressage A thoughtful patience will give you the greatest progress in dressage. Never be impatient to get onto […]
2 months ago

Riding Smoothly The Robin Hood Way

In the end, I explain that they need to focus harder, and react a little quicker...
3 months ago

Achieving Your Goals

Achieving your equestrian goals can seem like an uphill struggle! Let’s recap my favorite method for achieving goals, one which I used in writing the book […]
3 months ago

Good Rein Bad Rein

Does your horse have a good rein or a bad rein for bend? I do not think in terms of a good rein or a bad […]