1 month ago

The Gradual Slopes of Learning & Training Dressage

How is training your horse and leaning dressage for yourself meant to feel? My own coach, Mary Wanless BHSI BSc, tells of a story in her […]
1 month ago

A Grand Prix Rider Talks Patience

On Patience – Taken from the book Master Dressage A thoughtful patience will give you the greatest progress in dressage. Never be impatient to get onto […]
3 months ago

Good Rein Bad Rein

Does your horse have a good rein or a bad rein for bend? I do not think in terms of a good rein or a bad […]
4 months ago

The Schooling Whip

Holding, Changing, Using & Choosing The Schooling Whip The Schooling Whip – You can get access to the schooling whip I demo at The schooling […]
8 months ago

Improving Feel

Why I dislike the term ‘feel’… When people talk about feel, often in the same way they talk about talent, it is often talked about as […]
8 months ago

7 Steps To Stress Free Competitions

When it comes to competing you can be blessed with a relaxed horse, who’s behaviour changes only minimally or you may be in a different position. […]