Feldenkrais for Riders

“Learning to use your body more efficiently uses less effort, giving you more to do the things you want to do, making life generally easier. Making the impossible possible, the possible easy and the easy elegant.” – Moshe Feldenkrais

Feldenkrais is a form of somatic learning, using movement, to increase your body awareness and improve your ability to move, or stabilise, in whatever you do, including horse riding.

Movement is a skill, like any other. We all develop bad habits, and these soon start to feel normal. With the exercises performed in the Feldenkrais Method you will use your brain to move in new ways, to explore the options your body has for movement, in a holistic way. You will reeducate your body to move in a more naturally graceful and efficient way.
How does Feldenkrais with MoveToImprove–Equestrian’s Karin Major work?
The MoveToImprove–Equestrian concept of rider training is best explained by relating it to the familiar and fundamental concept of the Scale of Training for horses.

Riders consider the elements in the left-hand pyramid as they ride and train their horses. But what is the rider trying to achieve?
The new MoveToImprove–Equestrian Riders’ Scale of Training, on the right, takes this concept a stage further and considers the horse and the rider together.

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