Dressage Training Journal is a quarterly digital magazine brought to you by the Dressage Training TV team. Each issue contains elements of groundwork, celebrations of DTtv members successes, tips on improving your dressage scores, physical fitness, mental fitness, exercises to practice with your horse and an opportunity to ask your questions to our coaches; Mary Wanless, Ali Wakelin and Peter Dove.
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Editorial • Introduction to Feldenkrais • Improve Your Dressage Scores: Accuracy. • 'I Don’t Like Being Watched' • Yoga for Riders • DTTV Member’s Story • Product Reviews • RIder Analysis • The Bit Between Your Teeth: Letters


Editorial • Groundwork: The Basics • Feldenkrais, Get to Know Your Spine • Realignment & Core Strength with Mary Wanless • Improve Your Dressage Scores: Corners • Coaching Kids • Alignment & Core Strength – Involving the Mind • Yoga for Riders – Warrior Pose • How to Improve Your Circles with Karen Whiston • (Mis)Communication with Mary Wanless • DTTV Member’s Stories • Product Reviews • Rider Analysis • The Bit Between Your Teeth: Letters


Editorial • Groundwork: Starting Sideways • Feldenkrais: Finding Your Core • Improve Your Dressage Scores: Serpentines • Bearing Down for Confidence • Poles for Straightness and Core Strength • Member’s Story: Chantal Cornelius & Mia • Product Reviews • Member’s Story: Lori Anders shares her experience and successes • Rider Analysis: Lynne Cariker • The Bit Between Your Teeth: Your letters


Editorial • Groundwork: Starting Sideways Part II • Feldenkrais: Lower Leg Control • Improve Your Dressage Scores: Upwards Transitions • Poles for Transitions • Member’s Story: Claire Jackson & Savannah • Product Reviews • Member’s Story: Diane Cranz • The Bit Between Your Teeth: Your Letters With Mary Wanless, Ali Wakelin and Peter Dove