In this special Q&A session for members and non-members, Peter Dove will be joined by Ali Wakelin. They talk about the benefits of groundwork and answer any questions you have on groundwork and the courses on!


  • What groundwork can do for you?
  • What makes our groundwork system different?
  • How can I transfer this to my ridden work?
  • What difference will I notice in my horse?
  • How you can easily train lateral work without all the shoving and pushing!



  • From beginner through to lateral work
  • PDF certificates emailed to you, with the option to buy a woven badge
  • Full support with frequent video feedback
  • A system specifically designed for dressage & ridden work
  • Work through at your own pace
  • Learn how to train your horse to be willing and calm
  • Suitable for all standards of horses & riders
  • PLUS get access to all of our other courses!



This level takes the horse & handler from the very basics through to competency in the basics of stop, go, back, park and head lowering. After completing this level you will have all the information you need to produce a calm, controllable and confident horse. All videos are short in duration broken down into step by step, bitesize chunks.

Module 1

The first module covers Equine Learning Theory, A Rider's Groundwork System, Groundwork Principles, Horse and Rider Equipment, Choosing A Whip & Whip Tap. At the end of this module you are provided a quiz designed to test your understanding of the theory.

Module 2

The second module covers The Training Position, Whip Habituation, Back and Head Lowering. At the end of Module 2 you will can submit a video showing that you can perform all the elements from the module safely and competently. You will be provided with feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Module 3

The third and final module covers Stop, Go, Deleting Unwanted Steps, Park & Testing Park. Once you complete this module you will need to submit a final video which shows you demonstrating the Level 1 skills. Your video will be reviewed and you will either pass or be required to do a little more work. You'll be provided with feedback, suggestion and advice on how to pass, if necessary.

How we help you?

We provide great forums where you can ask questions, submit video and receive advice from our coaches so that you make progress as easily as possible.


This level takes the horse & handler from Level 1 and adds in Casting, Moving Quarters, Moving Forehand, Shaping Steps and Real World Proofing. Real World Proofing includes dealing with stressful environments, mounting from the mounting block, training a head lowering button for use by the rider and many more practical applications.


This level takes the horse & handler from Level 1 and Level 2 and adds in Lateral Work. This includes Renvers, Travers, Shoulder In, Leg Yield and Side Pass. We also start to take the basics you have learned and show you how to transfer them into ridden work.


This level transfers more of the groundwork skills such as moving the quarters/ fore hand and wiggly lines into ridden work.


This level transfers more advance groundwork skills such as leg yield, pirouettes, traver and shoulder-in into ridden work.


We are here to help and have put together some common questions people ask.
1How long will it take me to complete the Levels?

You can take the levels at your own pace. There is no time limit. Once you enroll for a course then a new module is released every two weeks. Usually each module requires submission of a video or passing of a quiz. Level 1 has 3 Modules and *could* be completed in as little as two months depending on experience level.

Levels 2 & 3 contain more complex material and will take longer to complete. Completion rates will also depend on the horse you are working with for the course. Some horses will take longer, some shorter depending upon previous experience and education.

2What do I do if I need help?
We are here to help! You can email us, or submit your video and question in the forums we have set aside for each of the levels. Our team of experts will provide feedback and support as we work together through this journey.
3Do I need any previous groundwork experience?
No, as long as you have basic experience handling a horse we can take you from there.
4Does my horse need any previous experience?
As long as your horse is used to a head collar and preferably a bridle that will be sufficient for you to begin your journey together.
5What do I get for completing the programme?

A certificate is provided when you have been assessed via video and have been deemed to be of sufficient competency in the material provided in the programme. There is a certification for each Level.

You can then also purchase a physical badge from us to sew onto your jacket/clothing. There is a badge for each Level.

On the website we maintain a page which explains, to external readers, what skills the certificate holder has been assessed to posses via video. This is useful if you want to include the passing of the certification on your CV.

6Is this a coaching/trainer certificate?

No, this certificate shows that you have completed the online training course and have been assessed via video as having completed the course and been able to perform the requirements with the specific horse you have trained. The certificate is not an endorsement nor an assessment of your ability to coach others or train other horses successfully.

7What if I don't want to submit videos?

You can view the programme without submitting videos. However, we will not be able to provide you with the certificates or badges.


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