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What everyone ought to know about ‘On The Bit’
8 months ago
On The Bit – An Alternative To Fiddling With The Reins
8 months ago

Water though the hoses

When a rider does not have enough of their weight down their thigh into their knee and they also have too much weight into the back of the seat, then this can squash the horse’s back preventing energy transmitting from the hind legs over the top line. I describe this has water through the hoses. Check out the video for a description.

[Addition from Peter Dove – Milly’s father] In this video snippet Milly is riding a hole too short which is actually making it harder for her to kneel but she recovered well and will ride with a hole down in future. She put the stirrups up the day before as an experiment and it was mentioned in the webinar too.

One might think this horse has a lot of energy and activity but there is still more to come. We have a scale from zero to ten which measures impulsion using the following scale:

  • 5 is perfect energy with perfect tempo
  • above 5 the horse’s tempo gets quicker and quicker until it is speeding off with the rider
  • below 5 we have too little energy and also the tempo will generally slow down too.

In this example, for the horse’s level of training, we would say she is about 4.5, sometimes slipping lower.

This video was taken from ‘The Seeking Reflexes‘ course which teaches the rider about ‘On The Bit’

Milly and her horse Epetry take part in live schooling sessions for members of Dressage Training TV


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