6 Times International Best Selling Author

Mary Wanless is an internationally renowned coach, and is the author of the ‘Ride With Your Mind’ books, which have been translated into many languages. She has also authored 8 DVDs. She coaches riders at all levels, from relative novices to two of the top twelve US dressage riders, and some of the Canadian eventing squad. She has B.Sc. degrees in both Physics and Applied Sports Coaching, and holds the BHSI certificate.

Her coaching career in the USA began in 1991 with an invitation to speak at the California Dressage Society annual meeting. She has also spoken at the US Dressage Federation’s Annual Convention.

She considers that public speaking is her only talent. Whilst she is unusally good at coaching, riding and writing, these are all learned skills.

She has known Kyra Kyrklund and her husband Richard White for many years, and taught Richard before he left the UK to become Kyra’s partner. Over the years, Richard and Mary have frequently collaborated over the biomechanics of riding. Now, however, Richard teaches Mary! He also coached the riders who were 4th, 5th, 7th and 10th in the Hong Kong Olympics – which just shows what coaching based on rider biomechanics can achieve!

Mary has coached US dressage star Heather Blitz for over 17 years. Mary and Heather now have a recriprocal coaching relationship, and Heather has brought to the RWYM approach her own unique ways of solving training issues by ‘getting through to’ horses of all types and dispositions. She is a genius at it, and Mary considers her our best living example of correct rider biomechanics!