Milly Dove Score 72.76%

Charlotte Wins Individual Gold
August 15, 2016

Harry Hall Junior Ambassador Milly Dove wins affiliated class with score of 72.76% on Tinker

Yesterday on home ground Milly wins her Prelim 2 class out of 13 entrants. Tinker’s canter was even better and her trot work started earning 8’s. Milly received an 8 for her riders position, making six 8’s in total with the judges comment of ‘Lovely fluently forwards test’

She also scored 71.15 in the 2nd test Prelim 13, sadly had an error due to incorrect strike off but still a decent score coming third in the 2nd class.

Getting 13 BD points in two tests means that she only needs one more test of 72% or higher to qualify for the Winter Regionals on Tinker. After we qualify her for Prelim we will move to getting her through in Novice as well.

Milly does a great job helping out in the webinars we run. Tinker recently competed at the Summer regionals and after a lovely warm up and impeccable behaviour, started anticipating canter in the test. We didn’t account for this, but it is perfectly understandable as we have been focusing on improving canter work. By the winters it won’t be an issue and she will be that much more uphill. Milly is coached by both myself and Mary Wanless BHSI