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Upcoming Webinars

Feldenkrais Session 1 : https://dressagetraining.tv/feldenkrais-lesson-1/

seatandcore_smallThe Seat & Core Strength :  Now available for immediate viewing
Join Peter Dove, author of Master Dressage, for this live talk about the seat, the thigh and core strength. We will cover topics such as: The Seat Myth, The “Relax” MythThe “Weight Aid” MythSupporting Your Own Weight, The Fight For Position

Dressage Yoga Lesson One : Monday 12 September 2pm BST (GMT+1)
Recorded version at https://dressagetraining.tv/dressage-yoga-lesson-one/
Dressage Yoga Lesson Two : Monday 3rd October 2pm BST (GMT+1)
Recorded version at https://dressagetraining.tv/dressage-yoga-lesson-2/
Dressage Yoga Lesson Three :
Recorded version at https://dressagetraining.tv/dressage-yoga-lesson-3/
NEW! Dressage Yoga Lesson Four :
Recorded version at https://dressagetraining.tv/dressage-yoga-lesson-4/

Equine Back Rub Lesson One : Friday 30th September 2pm BST (GMT+1)
Recorded version at https://dressagetraining.tv/equine-back-rub-lecture-one/
Equine Back Rub Lesson Two : Tuesday 25th October 2pm BST (GMT+1)
Recorded version at https://dressagetraining.tv/equine-back-rub-2-0-lesson-2/
Equine Back Rub : The Basic Guide to Equine Back Rub
Download and print the free guide to accompany the course https://dressagetraining.tv/basic-guide-equine-back-rub/

NEW COURSE – Horse and Rider Retraining : Check out the recorded sessions in this new series with Sarah and Pablo.
First session :  https://dressagetraining.tv/h-r-retraining-sarah-pablo-session-1/
Second session : https://dressagetraining.tv/retraining-horse-rider-sarah-pablo-session-2/
NEW! Third session : https://dressagetraining.tv/sarah-pablo-session-3/

Train with Milly & Epetry : Watch training sessions with our Prelim/Novice horse & rider and her coach Peter Dove author of Master Dressage
First training session of the series : https://dressagetraining.tv/milly-ella-training-discussion/