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Equine Learning Theory Course


Improve your Groundwork with Mary Wanless BHSI BSc and Ali Wakelin

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Why our groundwork is different…

We do not teach the horse to follow body cues from the handler on the ground. The handler uses almost identlical aids that the rider would give. We do not train the horse to follow the handlers feet… for when we get on top, those feet are no longer available to follow. With our work you can train a horse to be light to stopping aids, light to leg aids, learn to easily understand lateral work and even help change ingrained/incorrect movement patterns such as hollowing in upward transitions.

Lesson 1 – Stop / Go / Back

Here you learn the basics of the system. What is Equine Learning Theory, what is pressure and release, how to we teach the horse to go from lighter aids, how do we start a new horse off with groundwork and what are the most basic rules of the system.

You’ll learn how to teach parking,how to test it and how to correct problems. Having a horse you can rely on to stand still makes life much easier when mounting and when training.

Lesson 2 – Head Lowering, Quarters & Forehand

After you master the basic work we teach you about head lowering and then move on to how to influence the quarters and the forehand as separate units. This will develop confidence in the horse to move his body, and give you better control on the ground and when riding.

Lesson 3 – Sideways and Transference to Ridden Work

Now let’s add together all of your skills and start moving the horse sideways. We’ll have a look at side pass and shoulder-in as well as see how you can take all your new found control into riding.

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