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November 16, 2016
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The Seeking Reflexes Online Course


Find the answer to On The Bit with Mary Wanless BHSI BSc


Find out how your seat can influence the horses back without having to fiddle with the reins or focus on the head!

Lesson 1 – The Seeking Reflexes

This lecture sets out what the seeking reflexes are and what the horse should look like when working ‘On The Bit’. This helps you understand what you are looking for and how to recognise it when the horse is correctly ‘On The Bit’

Lesson 2 – In Three Dimensions

This lesson sets out the rider’s job in the front/back, side/side and up/down plane – it also investigates the typical effects of errors in each of these planes using live demonstrations.

Lesson 3 – The Mental Problem

In this lecture we look at the typical mental problems that prevent riders from focusing correctly and that cause riders to try too hard. We will also look at the correct training ethos for ‘On The Bit’ which will help set correct expectations for the rider.

Lesson 4 – Troubleshooting

Here we look at a range of typical scenarios which can prevent your horse working in the seeking reflexes and how to go about solving those problems. Again we will use live demonstrations to show problems and corrections.

Lesson 5 – Through Transitions

How can we make good transitions from one gait to the next? What do we need to think about when generating additional impulsion? These kind of questions will be answered in this module. Additionally we will look at any specific problems members tell us they are experiencing.


If anyone has been on our previous courses you know that we don’t hold back. So you can expect all kinds of additional videos and other bonus material during the course.

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