November 30, 2020
December 11, 2020


Kirstin and George return after the first lockdown in the UK. Neither horse, nor rider is particularly fit so they have a reasonably short session working on getting Kirstin straight on the left rein where she tends to slide off right, and improving leg yield in trot.

George is being a bit of a tourist, but isn’t dramatic, initially. Ali reminds Kirstin not to let her breathing change when George pricks his ears.

George has a moment of exuberance, and what’s noticeable is that it no longer unsettles Kirstin when this happens. The training with Ali has helped her to cope with it and not get involved, which means the rest of the session can continue without incident.

George finds going right easier than going left, so he wants to go more sideways to the right, and wants to speed up going to the left in leg yield, in walk. Keeping George’s neck straight is the next part of the puzzle.

In trot Kirstin approaches too fast on the first line, George trips on the turn, then has a rather extreme reaction at the top of the school. They re-establish the rhythm and George listens to Kirstin’s leg better, making going left easier.

Ali reminds Kirstin to keep the trot more ‘little’ in to the leg yield. In leg yield right Kirstin tends to disappear right. She manages to stay more straight on the last leg yield.



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