December 23, 2020
February 2, 2021




In early Sept, the day before she was due to compete in her first elementary competition, Mia tore the Manica Flexoria of her back right fetlock. She had keyhole surgery three months ago, followed by two weeks box rest, and since then has had a gradual return to in hand work.

Chantal says that with in hand work Mia has more ‘go’ than ‘whoa’. Chantal has been using little and big to get Mia to steady and focus. They review this in the session which helps encourage Mia to engage her abs.

They then look at leg yield, first one way, then back the other which allows Chantal to see and feel the contrast between each direction. Going left is straighter than going right where Mia would like to dive on her right shoulder. Ali gives some suggestions to fix this. Getting leg yield straight in hand will make it better ridden, because the horse is finding their own self carriage, not relying on the rider. Stepping back in to halt is called for if Mia wants to run on and not stop.

They then work on quarters towards the handler, which is one of the tools required for travers, and is very useful for mounting. Mia struggles to begin with, offering a few different types of stepping away before understanding that Chantal wants her to step her hind legs towards her, which she then demonstrates brilliantly.

*If your horse has had an injury, please check with your vet before starting any groundwork. They will be able to advise if your horse is ready for the exercise you're thinking of working on.*



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