Embark on a transformative journey with Mary Wanless BHSI BSc, the pioneering mind behind the Rider Biomechanics movement and the best-selling author of the Ride With Your Mind books and DVDs.

What makes a rider talented? Talent isn’t a thing, but a process – a way of learning. These super learners use specific strategies to stay in the flow, always improving and remaining fully focussed. Learn how you too can become a skilled super learner with our free training videos!

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Mary Wanless BHSI BSc

Meet Mary Wanless BHSI BSc, who began life as a pony-mad kid, and over time became an influential figure in the equestrian world. Her frustration as a learner receiving traditional instruction drove her to ‘think outside the box’. Mary, a Physics graduate from Bristol University, became a certified British Horse Society Instructor, and subsequently developed her own unique approach to understanding and teaching the skills of riding.

Mary has treated her 40+ years of exploration as an empirical experiment, learning through astute observation and questioning. She concurrently delved into the science of expertise, and learnt functional anatomy. Her background in Physics helped her uncover the hidden laws that govern the rider/horse interaction, and communicate them in simple terms. Put simply, she has demystified the ‘how’ of skilled riding.

Mary’s innovative coaching makes riding skills much more ‘teachable’ and ‘learnable’. Her approach is validated by scientific research, and is particularly influenced by Thomas Myers’ ‘Anatomy Trains’ model. This describes how muscles and connective tissue (fascia) form long chains of connection – and as you know, any chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Her approach has been enlightening for riders at all levels, from international Grand Prix dressage competitors to everyday enthusiasts. Her ways of ‘seeing it and saying it’ create a structured coaching method of guided discovery, leading each rider toward Mastery as information is presented in ‘bite-sized chunks’, and skill is built step-by-step.


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Why Choose Our Guided Approach to Skilled Riding?

Learn from Mary Wanless BHSI BSc, a renowned expert in Rider Biomechanics with over 40 years of experience and a structured, scientific approach to riding.