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Does your confidence match your competence? These can be out of synch in both directions, where your competence merits more confidence, or where your confidence is based on bravado more than skill.
Riding and life have ups and downs that that few can gloss over. Anxiety, nerves and fear are not ‘all in your head’, they’re in your body too. But (metaphorically speaking) when you’re inside the jam jar, you can’t see the label, and are gripped by the reality within the jar. But there is an instant difference once you step outside the jar, and can sense your reality from an external perspective.
In addition, knowing more about how your brain and nervous system work can help to calm you, and help you find the physiology of stability, security and safety. This, in turn, helps you become a calming presence for your horse.
This webinar will help you understand yourself (and your horse), but more importantly, it offers in-the-moment ‘how to’ techniques to centre yourself, and practical ways to bring your body-mind back to neutral. With these, you are already becoming the more resilient rider you really want to be.

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