4 months ago

Riding Smoothly The Robin Hood Way

In the end, I explain that they need to focus harder, and react a little quicker...
4 months ago

Achieving Your Goals

Achieving your equestrian goals can seem like an uphill struggle! Let’s recap my favorite method for achieving goals, one which I used in writing the book […]
5 months ago

Using too much hand

If you find yourself fiddling with the reins, obsessed with getting your horses head down, fighting with the contact or other issue of contact then get yourself a good rider biomechanics coach. This level of use of reins is incorrect, and says that something more fundamental is at fault AND that your understanding of how 'on the bit' works may be incorrect.
8 months ago

Riding Forwards

Why riding forwards with energy isn’t always the best solution Riding forwards with energy regardless can be a problem if you are training a bad neurological […]
8 months ago

The Myth of Thighs Away From The Saddle

Thighs away from the saddle, is a concept which I find completely alien to my way of looking at riding. To me it makes no sense […]
9 months ago

What everyone should remember when training horses

What everyone should remember when training horses One of the things worth remembering when training your horse, especially if you are learning too, that this is […]