The Basics

4 weeks ago
Steering the horse

Steering the horse – Correct Dressage Training

Less than 48hrs left to join the Dressage Training TV course ‘The How of Riding’ at where March’s lessons include steering and rein aids. Steering […]
2 months ago

How do I stop my toes turning out?

2 months ago

Why is halting so difficult?

The How of Riding Online Course Why is halting so difficult? Halting and downward transitions can be difficult for some, and this video talks about […]
3 months ago

Downward Transitions

Tips on Downward Transitions This video was taken from the Master Your Riding course last year and talks about downward transitions and passive resist. This year […]
3 months ago

Leaning Back With Carl Hester

Carl Hester on being behind the vertical Question to Carl Hester : And the riders who sit behind the movement, particularly the ones with their shoulders […]
4 months ago

Bad Schooling Session…

Whilst filming yesterday for the Milly & Ella training session Milly had probably the worst session she has had in a long time. Now worst here […]