The Seeking Reflexes (On The Bit)

2 months ago

Why is On The Bit so difficult?

On The Bit Many people find on the bit difficult, most of the problems stem from ‘presupposed’ skills that the rider needs to have in place […]
5 months ago

Hollow Horse

Check out the new training series called ‘Retraining the Horse and Rider’. The series is available as a member of where our first 3 horse’s […]
5 months ago

Heels Down

Is heels down squashing your horse’s back? Getting your heels down seems to be the be all and end all of some training. It can be […]
7 months ago

On The Bit – An Alternative To Fiddling With The Reins

On the bit isn’t about fiddling with the reins. Watch the video to learn more about ‘on the bit’ and how we go about explaining it […]
7 months ago

Landing Light

Water though the hoses When a rider does not have enough of their weight down their thigh into their knee and they also have too much […]
7 months ago

What everyone ought to know about ‘On The Bit’

What is 'On The Bit'?