Equine Back Rub Lesson 1
The Power Of Touch In The Palm Of Your Hands

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    Equine Back Rub

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    The Seat & Core Strength

    Join Peter Dove, author of Master Dressage, for this lecture about the seat, the thigh and core strength. We will cover topics such as: The Seat Myth, The “Relax” Myth, The “Weight Aid” Myth, Supporting Your Own Weight, The Fight For Position

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    Dressage Yoga Lesson One

    Access To Lesson 1 of the Dressage Yoga series

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    Improve Your Dressage Scores Lecture 1

    This is an hour long practical lecture with multiple horses from our indoor arena on how to get more marks in your dressage test.

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Dressage Training TV – Like Minded Coaches Using A Single Cohesive Training System.

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The Three Toolkits making up Dressage Training TV

Toolkit Zero

Dressage Training TV contains lectures from the ground up. We teach a groundwork which teaches your horse to park, step back, turn the haunches, turn the forehand and move laterally. It teaches these using the same aids a rider would use. This makes headway into the catch 22 of “Until the horse goes right, the rider can’t sit right, but until the rider sits right, the horse won’t go right”

Toolkit One

This is the toolkit of rider biomechanics which teaches the rider how the horse affects them and how they effect the horse. The lessons teach you to gain control of your body, so you can more easily influence the horse.

Toolkit Two

In this toolkit we use the school movements, ring craft, the judges perspective and more to help you do better at dressage.[/text_block]

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