Three Beats to Walk

Three Beats to Walk

🐎What makes a seamless trot-walk transition?🐎

🔄Here is one of the many clues that we can offer you!🌟
This clip is taken from one of the more advanced modules on our Rider Biomechanics Certification Course. Just one of the many insights that Mary Wanless offers!

Mary presents Rider Biomechanics in bite-size chunks. First, she covers some essential material to help you become a truly effective learner. Next, she guides you to develop a stronger and more stable position in the saddle so that you can move with your horse. Then, when you are aligned and balanced, you can progress to using your body to be a positive influence on your horse.

The way you sit has a profound influence on your horse, and for each little change that you make, he changes too. Learn how this works and you’re a winner!

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