Welcome to the first instalment of this Super Learner series. Thank you for being here. We’re excited to share some important information about how you can become the rider you deserve to be. 

We hope you enjoy this first video. Do leave a comment below to let us know which of your habits you would love to change.


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Jade R

Having worked in horse racing for 13 years I had developed a very light seat and was very used to keeping my weight out of the saddle. Over the past two weeks, since Mary’s camp, I have been concentrating on pausing in the saddle during the sitting phase of my rising trot, without being heavier, so that my horses keep their feet on the ground for longer. This has made a huge difference in the way both of my horses reach into the rein, but particularly with my ‘hot-headed’ horse. It has become very apparent that the pause is crucial in maintaining a relaxed rhythm, much like a metronome.

Ali wakelin

I think you are unrecognisable from the rider I taught a year ago who really did look like she was a Newmarket jockey. You have embraced this method so well.

Hannah P

I’d love to stop looking down.

Ali wakelin

Looking down is often as a result of processing what your body is doing so only think about looking up when you are not concentrating on a new piece of learning.

Tayne Eaton

I really enjoyed the comparison to driving. And that’s really how I felt when I first had my lessons. I thought I knew how to ride. Just like I knew how to drive. I know we all learn in different ways but this analogy really helped me understand better. So thank you.

Ali Wakelin

Its great that you found the comparison so helpful. Taking the attitude that we can always get better at every thing we do is all part of being a super learner. As soon as we decide we can do something then we switch off our desire to notice and learn which is always such a negative thing.

Cindy Lueders

Tension holding in my shoulders.

Ali Wakelin

We can certainly help with that 😀
Many coaching methods focus on how to stop having tension in your shoulders whereas we focus on what you need to work on in other parts of your body in order to release the tension in your body. Why not give it a go……..

Catherine McLeod

I tend to be stronger on my right than on my left causing an imbalance that affects everything. I tense up my right shoulder in direct relation to this

Ali Wakelin

Yes most people are stronger/ more stuck on one side of your body. We have many different ways of working on this and would love to help you. 😀


I’d love to stop moving around so much so my aids are clearer and can be more subtle

Ali Wakelin

I think a lot of people would say that this is their habit too 😂
The most common reason for this is that the horse isn’t responding to the riders cues and then subconsciously the rider tries something else which is generally moving around.
Here on DTTV we have a groundwork course focused on teaching your horse how to respond to the same light cues we use when riding. When used alongside our rider biomechanics course this gives the perfect solution to your problem.


Something in my riding is preventing forward in the horse and I’d like to figure out what that is.

Ali Wakelin

We would love to help you figure that out. Here at DTTV we have a forum where you can post videos for us to help you solve all your riding issues. We love problem solving 😀

Helen S

I would like to stop looking down at my horse, I’ve always done it and it makes me round my shoulders!

Ali Wakelin

Looking down is a necessary part of processing what is happening in your body and with the horse as it is a big part of how your brain works when in ‘ internal noticing ‘ mode. The problem is that we often get stuck in this mode when we don’t need to any more so it is important to train yourself to look up when not working on new body corrections.

Mish C

I would like to stop bum shoving and remain still and central in the saddle, as well as remember to let the handbrake off 

Ali Wakelin

Having coached you yesterday I think you can say you have achieved this ! The difficulty is noticing yourself losing it again when your horse doesn’t immediately respond to your aids

Katie Moore

I think my biggest habit is riding on auto pilot, doing what I’ve always done and not knowing how to change it within my body. I am loving how this approach is changing my mindset to break down the steps and pay attention to the ABC’s before I rush ahead to the IKJ’s … I’m off to ride now, and see if I can tread down that new path a little more..

Ali Wakelin

Hi. I think so many people ride on auto pilot as they don’t realise how much noticing is required to become a skilled rider. They focus on big picture pieces like wanting to ride a better circle of lateral movement but don’t realise all the pieces of correct posture in both horse and rider that are needed to do these things. Here at DTTV we teach you not only how to notice but all the pieces needed in both your body and the horse to achieve whatever is your dream 😀


I galloped race horses for over 40 years, the leaning forward habit is hard to break.

Alison wakelin

It is a really hard habit to break but totally possible. I work a lot with exercise riders from Newmarket on their own horses and,with correct coaching , they soon get the muscle memory to be able to be both a correctly aligned dressage rider and a racehorse exercise rider. One of our featured riders here on DTTV was a professional exercise rider at Newmarket until recently so she would be a great one for you to follow. Her name is Jade.


I have a bad habit of twisting my body to the outside with my hands coming over too