Rider Fitness & Bodywork

6 months ago

Equine Back Rub

Starting on the 30th September a brand new Equine Back Rub course. Join today and get an hour of video from the previous version of the […]
7 months ago

Triangle Pose – Trikonasana

Dressage Yoga with PSG Rider Demelza Hawes To get access to the training starting on Monday you can see all the details at https://dressageyoga.co.uk/training In addition […]
7 months ago

Dressage Yoga Starter

Dressage Yoga Starting Soon! Dressage Yoga is starting soon over in our members area! Demelza Hawes will be start from the real basics and move onwards […]
7 months ago

Love Horses Hate Getting Fit

The ‘Hate Getting Fit’ Problem I have been so busy over the last couple of months with filming, website creation, membership site setup and a whole […]