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Carl Hester on being behind the vertical

downwards3Question to Carl Hester : And the riders who sit behind the movement, particularly the ones with their shoulders back, they are never going to have self-carriage….

“No, because they are driving the horse down in front. If they sit too strong, behind the vertical, then they are pushing the horse down, through and into the hand. I was told by ‘Rocky’* when you go forward you bring your body forward and when you want to come back, you bring your body back. And it is amazing how most of us do the opposite to that. He always said to me, when you piaffe, you should be sitting over your knee, not sitting on your backside.”

Read the rest of this fascinating interview over at Horse Magazine http://www.horsemagazine.com/thm/2016/03/talking-dressage-with-carl-hester/

*Franz Rochowansky (1911 – 2001) affectionately known as ‘Rocky’ was a head rider for the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, before moving to the United Kingdom where he was an influential dressage teacher and went on to be the Olympic team trainer for the Netherlands, USA and Britain.

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