The Naked Truth Of Riding

Giving With The Hand
8 months ago
Hollow Back And Round Back Riders
8 months ago

If you always do what you always did…

This is a snippet from DVD 1 of my Naked Truth Of Riding DVD set which you can read more about on my Website Shop.

If you have found yourself struggling to make progress, not getting the results you are looking for – this short snippet probably explains why!

Learning to ride more skillfully requires a rider to do something different to what they are doing now.  To get different results, you must do something different. If you would like to learn more about skillful riding, learn specifically what you need to change then my video is a great resource. If you find the Naked Truth Of Riding DVD a little out of your pocket you can do no better than joining our membership site where each month you get hours and hours of video. You also get to join in live streamed lessons, watch the HD recordings, chat with us and even join us as we train our horses with commentary. Check out the membership site below of Dressage Training TV where we don’t shout louder at the natives!

Dressage Training Naked Truth Of Riding

What makes our membership different? Dressage Training TV breaks down the skill of riding into bitesize chunks. We use rider biomechanics to explain the interaction between horse and rider. We use specific language which dismisses the mystique of dressage, and shows you how things work – logically and clearly.  During training we do not limit ourselves to riding to solve our horsey problems. You also learn groundwork, horse massage, rider fitness and much more.


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