Real Life Riders



I’ve loved horses since childhood. At eight years old my parents gave in to my relentless begging and signed me up for riding lessons. To their dismay, the lessons completely lived up to my expectations and I loved horses more and more every time I went to the stables!

I got my first horse at the age of seventeen, a naughty, nappy little four year old cob, who taught me how to sit a buck, fall off, get back on again, what setting on the washing machine to use to get grass stains out of white jodhpurs… the lot!

When I retired him I struggled to find a horse that could be my new riding companion and after a few new horses, shares and loans didn’t work out I decided to go and have some more riding lessons while I tried to figure out exactly what I wanted in my next horse. I went and had some jumping and dressage lessons at The Talland School of Equitation, which had a massive positive impact on my riding and my confidence.

It was during this time that Posh sort of just… fell into my lap! I wasn’t looking for a horse at the time and I had firm intentions of a nice little 15.2 cob for when I did start looking. But through various turns of events, I suddenly had an enormous ginger sport horse who was definitely, completely my new team mate.


Posh is a 15 year old Irish Sport Horse. He’s a big 17.2hh gentle giant and is one of the kindest, sweetest horses I’ve ever met. I’ve had him for about a year now and I hope to do some very low level eventing with him. He has mainly hunted in his life so he’s brilliant out hacking and on the cross country but his dressage is in need of some… finer tuning. Our progress has been slightly slow over the past year because of some lameness issues in the spring but we are now ready to get training and get out to some competitions!